Cheap Dopamine: Breaking The Chains

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Cheap Dopamine: Breaking The Chains

Devin McDermott
37 ratings

There’s A Sleeping Giant Within You Just Waiting To Be Broken Out Of His Chains

You're Stuck In A Trap That Is F***ing Your Potential... Let's Talk About It

You've felt it, right? The constant distractions, difficulty focusing, and low motivation.

It’s because you’re facing a modern problem that no humans have ever faced before.

Cheap distractions are everywhere.

Not only are they easy to access, they’re highly addictive.

It's not your fault. They're purposely designed that way.

I was in the same exact boat as you.

I Had Massive Ambitions And Was Desperate To Become Successful...

But every day I struggled to get the results I desired.

My actions were completely out of alignment with what I wanted.

I was drawn towards cheap distractions that, while entertaining, were adding nothing to my life.

And they were holding me back from living the way I truly wanted to.

I knew what I wanted out of life but when it came to taking action... focusing was difficult.

There was always something trying to get my attention.

Whether it was a notification, a TV show, YouTube videos or something worse… 

Distractions were abundant and my results were not.

Not only was it hard to focus... it was hard to even find the motivation to do the work! 

I knew something needed to change, or else I would never become the man I was meant to be.

I was hooked. A prisoner. I was f***ed. 

I almost gave up on becoming that man...

But I wasn't meant to stay that way.

Eventually I found a way to break free and align my actions with my desires.

So What The Heck Is Going On?

Why is it so hard to execute on the things you know you need to do?

The answer is simple… It's called Cheap Dopamine.

Think of it as low-value activities that are stimulating but add nothing real to your life;

Things like Netflix, Porn, YouTube videos, mindlessly browsing the internet and Social Media.

You'll spend a huge amount of time on these and don’t even realize that you’re doing it compulsively…

And that your compulsive actions are holding you back from getting the results you want.

You absolutely need to deal with this if you want to realize your potential.

The only way to get what you want is to align your actions with your ideal future self.

Now You May Have Seen The Fad Going Around The Internet Called Dopamine Detoxing - This Is NOT That.

A dopamine detox creates very little lasting change in your life. I don't recommend it.

As soon as you’re done you just return to the same old activities you’ve been doing.

Instead, discover how you can create a sustainable lifestyle that is aligned with your ambitions and practically guarantees your dreams become real.

This course lays out a path that will turn you into a beast who’s smashing his goals.

This is much more practical than a one-day break from technology.

Surely you don’t have dreams simply to think about them, right?

You want to turn those dreams into goals, smash those goals and live a fantastic life.

So why hasn't it happened yet?

I’ll show you how you can finally translate your dreams into reality.

Of course I'm sure it's not all bad. Surely you’re already getting some good results in your life.

But, and correct me if I'm wrong... you're not where you really want to be.

Finally you're about to learn how to kick it up several notches and blow your old results out of the water.

I guarantee what you’re about to learn will help you reach the next level and beyond.

I am a NO-BS individual. I only deal with facts and real value...

And I’m bringing something completely new to the table to solve this problem for good.

I even offer a money-back guarantee that it'll have a massive impact on your results.

Imagine What Your Life Will Look Like When You Wake Up Every Day...

... with the energy of the energizer bunny.

The focus of a laser-beam.

And taking action on your dreams not only feels natural; it’s easy.

You now breeze through your tasks, focusing for hours on end.

You're finally making the kind of money you want to make.

You've gained the respect of friends and family.

That’s your new reality.

My simple 5-step system will work for anyone.

It’s completely turned my life around.. and is already impacting the lives of others.

But don’t take my word for it… check out what they're saying:

Dan Koe from @thedankoe


Luis from @LearnWithLuis

Allow Me To Briefly Introduce Myself

My name is Devin McDermott.

For years I struggled.

My motivation was low. I was tired, skinny, broke and unproductive…

Distractions were a way of life. Video games, TV, YouTube, Porn; you name it.

Since then, I’ve done a complete 180.

Now I wake up every day with an abundance of energy, drive, and a mission that pulls me forward.

I’ve cut out the activities that were holding me back.

I’ve transformed my body in the gym, grown a brand, and I’m truly living in alignment with my highest values and ambitions.

I'm living a life of abundance and gratitude.

I'm no longer the sad sack of sh*t that I once was.

I've unchained the giant within and now I'm the man that I was always meant to be.

Now, I’ll keep it short because I’m not here to impress you.

I just want to impress upon you how this system you're about to gain access to has allowed me to break the chains and awaken the sleeping giant within myself.

Now I'm going to show you how to do the same.

When I tell you what you're about to learn is a game changer, I mean it.

I took what I did to Break the Chains of cheap dopamine in my life and turned it into a simple 5-step process that you can do too.

My Simple 5-Step Process Will Turn A Basement Dwelling, Porn And Video Game Addicted Nerd...

... into a beast who's crushing it on the front lines of his life.

It'll help you SMASH through to the next level.

I’m showing you how to create a long-term sustainable lifestyle of success and fulfillment.

My 5-step system works because it’s based on a deep understanding of the human brain; what drives you to take action, and how you can ensure you take better actions and reach your goals.

People are already getting incredible value out of it… see what they have to say:


Joey from @ImprovementGeek

Mackenzie from @SmithhMackenzie

JK Molina from @JK_Molina_

This Is A Very New, Little-Understood Problem That Needs A New Solution

Big companies understand how cheap dopamine works.

They've designed their products to get you as hooked as possible... 

And you're falling for it, hook line and sinker.

It's not your fault... they've done it on purpose and it's stealthy.

You probably had no idea you’ve been compulsively falling into their plan.

Some people are ahead of the curve and see what’s happening…

But almost nobody understands how to fix it.

Fortunately I’ve discovered a great, simple solution… and I’m passing all the details on to you.

What can you expect inside?

Find out how to finally align your actions with your ideal future self

 On pg.10 you'll discover the damage Cheap Dopamine is doing to your brain

✅ Discover the dirty trick that’s being played on you every day without you knowing

✅ On pg. 34 you'll find my simple 5-step system to reignite your motivation and passion towards life… and help you level up even if you’re already getting great results

✅ A framework to deal with negative states in healthy ways instead of turning towards cheap distractions.

The simple technique that will finally have you building the life you've always desired on pg. 64

✅ A proven path to awaken the sleeping giant within you by breaking his chains… practically guaranteeing that your dreams finally become real.

Now, I know what you're wondering...

Surely this must be about $800, right?

Or at least a few hundred?

Wrong. Even though I know this guide is worth many times more in your life than what it costs…

I’m charging under $50 - with a money-back guarantee.

As Someone With Big Ambitions This Is Some Of The Most Valuable Information You’ll Ever Encounter - And I’m Practically Giving It Away

Think about this…

One day of increased productivity will quickly make you back your money.

And you’ll be having those days all the time.

Just imagine the results you’ll generate when you’re able to focus uninterrupted for hours in a row.

The way your life will change when you no longer need to search for motivation. 

Instead you feel it all the time - and it's effortless.

The price is nothing compared to the increased results you'll experience.

This is your golden ticket to massively upgrade your life.

Plus… if you’re not satisfied, there’s a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Don't wait; those who take action see great results.

Those who get distracted continue to get the same results they've always gotten...

So if you’re ready to awaken the sleeping giant within yourself..

Click the ‘I want this!” button now... because your true potential is waiting.


Q: Is this a dopamine detox? No. It's much more practical than that.

Q: Can anyone do this? Yes, the simple 5-step process is clear and easy to follow!

Q: Why have I never heard of something like this? The damage these addictive technologies are doing in your life is just starting to be understood; not many solutions exist. Fortunately, I've found one.. and now it's yours.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee? Absolutely. While I'm certain you won't feel the need... if you do, contact me at @devinmcdermot on Twitter or send an email to devin@devinmcdermott.com.

P.S. Here's what a couple more highly successful people have to say:

Aaron from @AyAy_Ron69

Dallen from @DallenReber

What are you waiting for?

Click 'I Want This!' now and Break The Chains.

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